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just your average punk w/ an obsession for writing about people who don't know i exist. i like concerts and netflix also. #stilinskigirl

(very very sorry for my hella long leave-of-absence but i am hopefully now back for good and ready to start up again. still going through issues and school work but aiming to update at least every month.) i am most probably going to be re-starting all my stories because i have now read them and *cringe* did i seriously write that??
right now, i am currently trying to start and complete MISS SUPERHERO before i do anything else but please request if you would especially like me to update something else.

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    mumbled "back (for good?? idk yet)"

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    i say this all the time i know, but i'm back. please, if you could read my bio because it explains what's going on with my writing right now and i cba to explain again. i have written the prologue (finally omfg) for miss superhero which will be up tomorrow, i'm hoping, depending on when i wake up and how much homework i have. i would post it no, but it is currently midnight and i am ti-yed. also pleasepleaseplease comment which other stories i should update first.
    ily guys, few who actually go on my page xx
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    Ooh, this sounds good! Can't wait for the next chapter, I loved it :)
    Awesome song, too x
    English Love Affair // l.h
    English Love Affai...
    a series of events where luke and stella hook up consistently and a video of them gets leaked on the internet, ruining everything.
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    I'm smiling like an idiot after reading this - why have I only just found it? This is amazing; I love it!
    The Photo Booth (Complete)
    The Photo Booth...
    I remember when the days were long, and the nights when the living room was on the lawn. Constant quarreling, the childish fits, and our clothes in a pile on the ottoman.All t he slander and double-speak...
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    Yay! Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :D
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