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    pretty sure you're starting your new school soon so good luck, I'm sure everything will be fine:) xx
    AAW thanks! I start on the 28th January and im going to die because thats how scared I am. but ill be fine.... hopefully. thanks either way p. im sure you dont want to hear me complain because as youve probably already figured out (you figured it out??.. get it?) I talk alot. hahah ok. bhe. and thanks again! happy new year! hope you have a good one.??
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    I deleted your comment on my movella as you got it right and I didn't want to ruin it for other people! I have planned out most of the book so I pretty much know what's happening most of the time, but yeah, well done for that;) x
    5 years ago
    Omg now I can't wait!! Update soon xx
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