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I am super pumped about my new account on Movellas. As the name suggests, this is my Second Chance at a more professional writing attitude.

My name is Courtney Ann. I am not very known for my writing as I have never been able to fully write a story. However, my new writing attitude will change that.

I am really excited to say that I look forward to writing and commenting on your Movellas so please make sure to announce your Movellas and I will be sure to read them.

I am proud to announce my new story, Original Sin, which will be coming very soon!

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    So unofficially that was the end, however, I am going to have the last chapter vaguely detail the plot of the next book. Hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I honestly can't believe how fast that went. Remember, just cause OS has ended, doesn't mean Leo and Alice's has. Want is in store for the couple next? Guess you just have to wait and see ;)
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    mumbled "Half way There"

    Original Sin has five more chapters till completion. I have finished chapters 6,7 and 8 with nine due to be completed by end of next week. Enjoy the rest of the story, guys :)
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    My favourite fairy tale of all time would have to be peter pan. Peter Pan taught me to always stay young and is the reason I have made it my life long goal to stay energetic. (He was also my first celebrity crush... :P )
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