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Sup guys! I'm soli. My hobbies are writing and designing clothes. I am a horse rider
Friends of SparksofAction and MintySilver (follow them! They r awesome). Please read my stories. Btw: I will deactivate my old account.��
If you want to see my outfits go follow me on polyvore. I am parfaitmentchic.

  • SapphireFlames12
    Trent? whydya use his name?
    The Little Mermaid (Mash-up)
    The Little Mermaid...
    The twins, Trent and Natalia, wake up one day to find themselves in... they aren't exactly sure where. And they also don't know how they got here. It is a land... sea, where mermaids swim and pirates attack....
    4 years ago
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    haha so, I started a story a long time ago and asked for names of people I knew and then Natalia suggested "Trent" as a joke, but the more we thought about it the more perfect it sounded. So, now im using that name in a lot of my stories.

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