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Hello, I'm Salya and I write Original stories and a SHIT load of Fanfics. I been writing since 2006 or so and I think since then, my writing is better. XD I think my main genre for Original stories is Fantasy, since I write about witches(my kind), Demons, Shifters, Angels, Gods, Goddesses, and a lot of different races that isn't human. Sorry but I HATE humans. XD

About little old me

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About little old me

Name: Brenda | Age: guess. | Pen-name: Salya Darken.

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  • SalyaDarken

    mumbled "Laying down"

    Okay, My head hurts after being up since midnight. So I'm off to take a nap. I might work on something when I get up... don't know yet... since I got a writers block.
  • SalyaDarken
    Sooo good. I love your skill!
    Do you take requests?
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  • SalyaDarken

    Help someone!

    Movella, I got a problem on your site that it's annoying. When I start a new book and go to add the cover, it won't save the cover. It's just stuck on loading or saving. Can you look into it and fix it please?

    Also, Someone needs to clean up all of the spam in the forums.
    4 months ago
    I noticed. -sighs- Oh well. I wanted to get this up, in hopes that they do something. lol
    4 months ago
    Yeah.. good try.. hope it works.
    4 months ago
    I hope. I posted on their Facebook page too.
  • SalyaDarken
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    really cute ^_^
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    Olivia Mcbear
    4 months ago
    Tysm!! <3
    4 months ago
    welcome ^^
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