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"The schoo--" *ahem.* "The school day is now over. Any students still in the building..."

" m a y w i n d u p d e a d ! "


//Sup Movellas people? The name's Maya. ^^

//I am a/an:
-FNAF fan
-Creepypasta fan
-DHMIS fan
-Anime and Manga enthusiast (I especially love Corpse Party, Sword Art Online, and Black Butler)
Among many other things.

//Favourite quote from Corpse Party? Probably... any comment from Seiko involving Naomi's ass. XD

//Uh... is there anything else I need to put here? No? Okay. :3


"Please let us get in,
Don't lock us away,
We are not like what you're thinking;
We are poor little souls
Who have lost all control
And we're forced here to take that role..."
--Five Nights at Freddy's, The Living Tombstone


"...once someone's fate passes through these halls, it locks in place forever..."
--Shinozaki Sachiko

  • Sachiko Shinozaki

    mumbled "So..."

    Today was my first day back at school! I'm now officially in the seventh grade gifted program.
    It went great! I'm so glad I picked out that Kuroshitsuji t-shirt from the Hot Topic website! Three different people commented, "Nice shirt." My new friends Violet, Aidan, and I talked about Kuroshitsuji all during second period art. At lunch my old friend from elementary school, Jonathan, who'd been going to Odyssey (the gifted program) for fourth through sixth grades, whereas I'd just gotten there, asked me how Odyssey was treating me, and I said it was treating me great. English, social studies, and algebra classes were a bore, but I loved my sixth period biology class! Our only classwork was to decorate name tags! I didn't get much homework, but I volunteered to do some more home research for the project on Africa my table partner Logan and I were working on in social studies. At lunch I sat next to the girl I met in orchestra class and her friends, who were all in class 7-B while I was in 7-C. We even got recess! I played four square with Ashton from my class (I call him Ash Ketchum because he was wearing Pokémon apparel) and Sophia from 7-A. Overall, it was a pretty good day for a school day! :)
  • Sachiko Shinozaki

    mumbled "New Movella excerpt/preview"

    Never-Ending Nightmares
    Chapter 1 excerpt

    Claire awoke once again, but this time she was unable to sit up, since a pair of small (but firm) hands were pinning her arms to the bed. She was forced to stare into her captor's lifeless, inhuman eyes: the ones she'd seen on the girl in her dream, with the black whites and crimson irises.
    She was aware that she was wide awake, but this seemed absolutely surreal. However, she had to face the fact that this was no longer just an illusion. She had to come to terms with the fact that this was reality.

    (Coauthored by me (Maya Bartelloti) and Emily Skelhorne (my non-Movellian friend). Steal this and I'll stab you 37 times in the chest and feed your hands to Carl. :3)
  • Sachiko Shinozaki
    //Oh my god, I love it! Thank you! (And sorry I'm just seeing it now!)
    The Cover Shoppe CLOSED
    The Cover Shoppe...
    The Cover Shoppe CLOSED Need a cover? Want something fresh? Want it from a reliable person? Here I am! If you see my examples, and recent cover designs, you can see that I am skilled and always on...
  • Sachiko Shinozaki

    mumbled "Confession 2"

    //Confession 2: Even though I'm lesbian IRL and I have a girlfriend, I have crushes on way more male fictional characters than female! Incidentally, most of my fictional crushes are either murderers or massive perverts. XD Were I to have a relationship with any of these characters it would be unhealthy, but hey, a girl can fantasize.
    #WhateverI'llContinueToPostThemAnyway XD
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