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The Old Key (Official Story Trailer)

di , giovedì aprile 5, 2018
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The Old Key (Official Story Trailer)


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  • Jaleel McClain

    mumbled "My Bloody Valentine (The Story Remake)"

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    11 years after the 1997 tragedy, the town of Harmony is struck again by ruthless murders, leaving the people of Harmony worried. Thinking that Harry Warden has returned and was never killed.

    I know I've been away for some months, but here is a special look at what I'm working on. Coming sooner than soon!!!
  • Jaleel McClain

    mumbled "Currently in the works! Stay tuned guys, love you all"

    2 I mi piace

    I had a lot of other stories I'm working on, but this story here is currently in the works. Based off the 2003 horror slasher! I want you all to know that, all my other stories will still be written. I'm focused on this right now! Thank you all for sticking with me :)
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