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    This was so amazing and so unpredictable.
    Amazing description and I love how well you used the dialogue.
    I am currently writing a book and I am so bad at dialogue and I am trying to start my first chapter but i'm so confused on how to start a book. Please can you give a few tips on how you write a really good chapter and dialogue, thanks.
    Keep up the amazing work!!!
    Element 94
    Element 94
    Element 94. Plutonium. The force that desolated humanity. | Winner of the Sci-Fi Contest 2017 | The full version of this story will be coming soon.
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    For dialogue you should definitely keep it to the character. What I mean is if for example the character is a sarcastic person then his dialogue will mostly be sarcasm and jokes or if a character is hopeful then his dialogue will be optimistic and cheerful. When two different characters speak then you should keep the same rules but apply them to the situation they are in like if it is a stressful situation then the characters will sound angry.
  • Av0cad0_writer
    omg this was great. Amazing narrative writing to. I really felt like I was there experiencing the whole thing. GREAT WORK. A+++++++ all the way!
    Peace At Last
    Peace At Last
    My entry for the 'Write about your City' competition. Enjoy!
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