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  • Raira Shadownight
    This is cool. I'd better get started on mine, though! I seem to have very tough competition, though!
    STARS *Catching Paper*
    STARS *Catching...
    In the future city of Circino, there are no stars, no specks of light in the full place. Publics and Peasants are forced into work as the Privates live their lives of luxury. They say no one can escape,...
    Le Fox
    5 years ago
    I'm sure yours will be epic.
  • Raira Shadownight
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    I would like to join District Eleven with the fandom YouTube and the genre Historical Fiction.

    I have an idea prepared for both fandom and genre if I am to be reaped.

    I am able to reach movellas on August 1st and 9th for the reaping and the start of the Games.

    I pledge that if I am reaped for something I am not happy with I chose district at own risk and will not be moved and still have to take part in the Games.
    Catching Paper *The 2nd Writing Games*
    Catching Paper *Th...
    More tributes, more victors - more surprises in store! *COMING TO YOU AUGUST 9TH 2014*
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