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I love to meet new people and all my friends tell me I am crazy but guess what - the world needs a few crazy people dotted around!
If you ever need to get something off your shoulders or just want to chat then hit me up! The chances are, i have been there done it and got the tee-shirt.
Spare half a second of your time and smile! It immediately brightens someones day!

  • Rain Evangeline

    mumbled "Entering Emotion! (New Chapter)"

    Here is another chapter!
    If you enjoy it please hit the like or favorite button!
    Yours Faithfully, Rain xx

    Entering EmotionDo I really have the opportunity to begin to feel emotions, other than sad and dismal maybe even on a good day dull. How I wish Love could become part...
    20 hours ago
    1 Mi piace
    I've read it and ik I told u this already but ur writing style is so unique and raw!! Keep writing!! Your doing an amazing jon by piecing everything together Xxx :)
    Rain Evangeline
    20 hours ago
    Bless you. xx
  • Rain Evangeline
    1 Mi piace
    A good start and I love it so far!
    dancing with a stranger
    dancing with a str...
    the way two people's eyes meet, even just for a second, even not knowing each other's names.. when your eyes meet and you just know.. that changes everything.
  • Rain Evangeline

    mumbled "☆ GLAD ☆"

    @[brodie2] you are back! That makes me glad! I don't know how long you are gracing us with your presence but I for one, intend to make the most of it. All of my love going personally to you. Rain xx
    Rain Evangeline
    1 weeks ago
    :) x
    4 days ago
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    Rain Evangeline
    WTH @[najam]
  • Rain Evangeline

    mumbled "♡ Living Angel ♡"

    Cannot wait for the day that I can hold you tiny darling!
    Little Sylvana, I know you won't read this as you are 2 whole weeks old but I shall type it anyway.
    You are so lucky to be surrounded by people who love you. There is your parents, your grandparents, your ultra proud aunts, your adoring uncles and of course me. There are people in the world who don't have that so if in many years to come you read these words be thankful for this.
    Bless you. Xxxxx
    Jadessa Crowe
    1 weeks ago
    Most beautiful picture!
    Rain Evangeline
    1 weeks ago
    I have to say I am one very proud almost aunt! (If that's even a thing)
  • Rain Evangeline
    Goodness that is one very refreshing read! I did have to let loose a chuckle or two! LOL!
    The Complexities of Muggle Machinery
    The Complexities...
    Harry bought a refrigerator. Then it was a microwave. Then a blender. Thursday was the coffee brewer. Ron really liked that last one.
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