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Hi! I'm Teya aka 1/4 of Psychotic Beauty! I'm super hyper and crazy and A lot of people consider me a 'Power House' because I can sing High, Low, Soft and Loud and have a powerful voice. I get compared to Perrie from Little Mix a lot, or Louis from One Direction! Uh yea, I'm 15 and the oldest member of Psychotic Beauty.
Anyways that me!
Teya *muah*
My name is Ariana. You can call me Aria c; I'm a lot like Niall because FOOD! <3, Harry because I'm the flirt of the group, and Louis because crazy is my middle name... my twitter: arianaxofficial I follow back c: Feel free to DM me, I answer.

Our twitter: Psychoticbeaut4

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    mumbled "Youtube Cover!"

    Guys Imma do a youtube cover of a song! so Comment what song you want me to do! the choices are
    a.) I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
    b.) Just the way you are - bruno mars
    c.) I will always love you - Whitney Houston
    d.) Forget You - Cee Lo Green
    So yea comment and tell me! or you can tweet me @teyasapsycho
    Oh yea this is Teya! :p anyways Comment and tell me *muah*
    Psychotic Beauty
    5 years ago
    C is a typical Power House song xD thats why I choose to put it on the list lol
    Psychotic Beauty
    5 years ago
    Psychotic Beauty
    5 years ago
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    Okay so I probably won't sing b. It just doesn't sound right but if you want me to sing bruno mars I can sing Marry You? I will also most likely make more than one video so yea!
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