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My name is a secret

My age is a secret

My life is......different.

I'm just me.

Queens:"Miley Cyrus,justin bieber,mj and Ariana grande" ❤️

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    Please check my story mysterious and tell me what you think
    Farrah Jones is a good girl. She doesn't drink or swear, and has the appropriate number of sweater in her wardrobe. Farrah believes she's finally left behind her dark past, but when she moves away with...
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    mumbled "sorry"

    Guys I am so sorry for not updating for a long time but first my mom took my phone and now I got it back to discover that dad forgot to pay the bill so the net is off.now im posting this from my mom s phone but the updates I wrote was on my phone and I cant find it here because the web is off so yesh I swear to update in the next 5 hours if I even had to rewrite it in this phone.thank u for reading my stories I love you so much that I cried when I saw your comments xoxo I am sorry again and really ty I no my stories ain't that good but u still read it,ty very much and I love you <3
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    Update soon pleaseee I love this so damn much
    In love with my teacher? {Complete}
    In love with my...
    18 year old Clairy come back to school after the summer holidays and are not excited to start up with the boring lessons and the annoying teachers. She walks up to her locker and meets up with her ​​best...
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    Update !!! :*
    What Happens When Your Dad Marries Justin Bieber's Mom
    What Happens When...
    What would happen if your father had married the mother of someone you absolutely despise? How would you act? How would you treat them? What if they weren't as bad as you thought? What would happen next?
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