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So He's Winning?!?!?!?

di , mercoledì novembre 9, 2016
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 So He's Winning?!?!?!?

So Trump is winning and I want to get everyone's thoughts on this historic(ish) occasion. 

What do you think?

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  • Penlope Green
    I am in awe of your covers, they're so themed and really beautiful
    Jem Wakefield
    2 years ago
    Wow, thank you so much! I made them with MS word and Paint- it was very time-consuming but quite easy! Thank you so much for the compliment, it means a lot :) :)
  • Penlope Green
    1 Mi piace
    Great story. Beautiful really.
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  • Penlope Green
    Love it man, pulled me right in.
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    Glad you're enjoying it so far! <3 :D
  • Penlope Green

    mumbled "hello"

    1 Mi piace

    Hi, I am
    I wondered if, after all these years,
    Jump all
    They say time to care for
    But it is not a lot of the health of the
    Hello, do you hear me?
    And what I dream in California
    With younger are free
    How the world became aware of comes in our our feet, we not forgotten you,
    There is a big difference between us
    And a million miles away
    Hello from other
    The lines are myriad
    I'm sorry to say, because everything I
    I do not think you call home
    Hello from abroad
    I tried to say, at least I can not
    And I'm sorry to break your heart
    Nothing more starts
    2 years ago
    <3 <3 Love love love.
    Enby Angel
    2 years ago
    I love it! I love seeing new and unique perspectives of things :)
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