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weird outer space lesbian with no ambitions but strong love for lynn gunn

  • paige london
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    hi, I would like to respectfully ask you to change the cover of your story. I'm sure it's lovely and you've worked very hard but it's extremely triggering and altogether not a good image to just throw into a large community of people. thanks (:
    Kylie is a teenage girl who cuts. When she moves to Australia she meets the people who help her stop cutting.
  • paige london

    mumbled "sad feminist rant"

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    if someone (especially a woman) claims that they were raped/ sexually assaulted, you have no right to call them a liar without some kind of proof. sexism is too relevant when a woman gets shut down for every damn thing she says. teachers cover up football players raping young girls because the boys were "star players". Not to mention trans women (esp trans women of color) are more likely to be assaulted/ killed and nobody is doing anything abt it?? here's a tip men: fucking protect women...don't just jump to the "not all men" bullshit. we get it, not all men do these shit things, but when you say "not all men" you're just pushing yourself farther and farther from the problem and not actually doing anything to stop it....so like....get your fuck together if you use that excuse
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    Amen to that!
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