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I love One Direction!!!!
I am in love with love
N I love music, friends n family
New here so gonna enjoy as much as I can
N also read my movellas as soon as I publish them

  • OneDreamer:)
    I LOVE it!!! its so beautiful it just made me cry, its gorgeous!!!!!! i wish there was a LOVE button too cuz i would click on it like a million times :D
    The last dance - 1D One Shot
    The last dance -...
    Harry had a girlfriend when he was 18 years old. They wanted to live their life together and got married. 9 months after they got married, Carolina was born. When Carolina was 7, her mother, and Harrys...
  • OneDreamer:)
    It's good! It has fan fiction and supernatural both in one yeah. It's good. Keep updating and it'll be great!!
    One Crazy World
    One Crazy World
    Aome Rounds, a cat in hiding, always wanted her life to be normal. Since, her mom died, all she had was herself. She had to support herself, and she was her own friend, but she bumps into 5 guys who change...
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