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Hi everyone !
I'm Britt
I hope you enjoy my stories.

Lets cry over Evan Peters
Ashton Irwin makes me mad. He is v cute.
I spend my days reading, writing and on Tumblr.
Grilled cheese>life.
Please lets talk about Matt Healy or Jesse Rutherford.

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  • Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)
    Help me lose my...
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    I have 2 moods when writing.

    Write 10 pages in one go, holy shit, my hands won’t stop moving, Imma get this fic done in like 2 hours WUT

    I forgot how to English, oh god, write one sentence, watch 3 movies, write another sentence, the ideas are there but they just won’t come out how the frick do I end this, this Word Document has been open for over a week WELP
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    why must they argue? just kiss and make up already !
    4 years ago
    Hi, would you be able to comment on my Movella to help me write some new chapters? Thanks :)
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    hey guys, so its easter friday !!! there wont be an update for honest today but ill try my hardest to do a double update tomorrow. ily all have a happy easter xx
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