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Fanfiction writer and poet and cover maker

// Ambassador 2014 //

*Love writing One Shots to make you cry! ;) *

l Completed stories l

- Shadows {One Direction}
- Little Him {Niall Horan/Harry Styles}
- You Live My Life {Niall Horan/Harry Styles}
- Written in my Memory {Zayn Malik}
- Don't look back {Zayn Malik}
- The Stranger Behind the Mask {Niall Horan}
- Like Children {Niall Horan}
- Hidden Letters {Harry Styles}
- Incompatible Love {Harry Styles}
- Diana Rose {Liam Payne}
- Snare and Delusion {One Direction}

  • mybestfriendisapenguin_xX

    mumbled "Feels good to be back!"

    Hi everyone! I already mumbled about it but it really feels good to be back on Movellas, though it has really been a while!
    I don't know if many people I used to know are still here but I'd would feel more than happy to get to know new Movellians! :D
    So, let me introduce myself a bit :
    My name is Maude, I'm 21 (I got quite old since last time haha), I'm French and maybe my writing got worse due to my inactivity ^^
    I recently graduated from college in Hospitality Management and now, I'm on holidays until my job starts :)
    I've been completely obsessed with Kpop and Kdrama for the last 3 years - Fangirl is the main thing happpening in my life. And even though I love them, I remain a 1D fanfic writer ;)
    I think that's quite good for an introduction haha!
    Nice to meet you all!!! :D
    Shaun JH Nightshade
    1 Mi piace
    And I believe you write some really good poetry if my memory serves me right :)
    @[Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo] I do, yeah! it's been ruining my life haha xD
    You as well?
    @[Squonk of the Nightshade] haha thanks! it's true that more than half of my movellas are poems, maybe I'll try to write a few ones again! :)
    How have you been, btw?
  • mybestfriendisapenguin_xX

    mumbled "Well well well... Hi"

    Dear... It feels so weird to write mumbles again! I had almost forgotten that feeling : writing, reading myself over and over again and always realising there's a mistake ages after haha! I hope my English didn't rust since last time...

    Anyway, long time no see Movellas! I think I last logged one-year and a half ago... :o
    I guess I can't forget that place no matter what!
    I think I've lost tracks of what's happening in this world and in the fanfic world as well and I'm SO EXCITED to be back!!! :D

    I've got time to kill for the next month so why not write again, I thought!
    Can't wait haha ;)
    Hang on!!! Mel, I'm soooo sorry! I complety lost my Kik login and password!!!! O_o (if you're the right person haha)
    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    1 Mi piace
    Yep! We talked in Kik, lol!
    I need to find my username and password back then haha
  • mybestfriendisapenguin_xX

    mumbled "Goodbye Movellas"

    9 I mi piace
    Hi, long time no see, huh? :)
    For those who still remember me, I came back here after a long time to say farewell; a proper farewell.

    Soon would have been my third year on Movellas but I won't log in when that day will come. I decided it was time for me to stop writing. I have loved being a writer here during these years but all good things have an end! :)
    I still remember the first day I logged in, the first story I wrote, the first cover I made and the first friends I met here and I won't forget it all :) I'd like to say thank you to everyone on here for being there when my friends weren't and for accepting me into that huge family that is Movellas.
    Thanks to you and thanks to writing, I recently succeeded in passing an important English exam and I know it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't come here. A lot of people helped me to improve my English and I'm thankful to each and every of you for that. It truly means a lot to the French girl I am x)
    But I have realized that I became too old for writing on that website and to truly give it all the time I can. I remember I used to spend all my free time here but I don't have the time anymore... I'll turn 20 soon and I guess it's time for 'old' fanfic writer to 'retire' to let new people into that world ^^
    And also a last thank you to the movellas team for choosing me as an ambassador in 2014, it was really nice and I enjoyed that a lot!! :)
    I won't delete my account, just in case some people still want to read my stories or in case I ever log in in a few years to laugh at myself when reading the stories I once wrote! ^^

    I don't know if anyone read that mumble but thanks if you did!

    Farewell Movellas; I'll miss that world a lot! :) xxx

    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️ :)
    *starts to cry
    3 years ago
    I wish you luck out there in the big world that is waiting for you! You will be missed! <3
    Caroline Sixx
    3 years ago
    Omg awww :(
    I hope you have a good life and that you succeed in everything your planning for your future <3

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