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inactive here

social media;

instagram: carelessdan
kik: exoticmalik
wattpad: carelessdan

  • nataly :)

    mumbled "where to find me"

    im not that active here. idk why im just not, its a ghost town here. you can find me other places where im most likely active.

    instagram fan account: carelessdan
    instagram personal: bandsxnat
    wattpad: carelessdan
    kik: exoticmalik
    twitter: blushydjh

    if you are going to follow me on any of those, please comment down below which social media your following me on and your username. that way, i can follow you back :) thanks
    The Girl Who Waited
    If you see a request from a llama, that would be me :) XD
    The Girl Who Waited
    oh and that's instagram XD
    nataly :)
    3 years ago
    @[The Girl Who Waited] I had no idea it was you!! i dont have my phone right now but as soon as i get it, i will follow you back :)
  • nataly :)

    mumbled "tatinof"

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    its been a month since i went to go see dan and phil and im so sad :( i was able to meet my internet friends at the show and it was amazing!! i had so much fun. i cried so much. i laughed so much. i felt at home. i was able to get a signed book and jacket from the merch stand. the best thing was that they came back out after the show ended. only our show was able to get special bonus scenes from them. i was so happy. they were also recording our show for the performance video in the documentary. you might see me either crying or laughing in the crowd. dan tweeted like 2 days ago saying that that they had finished editing the first version of the documentary. i dont know why im gonna post this, maybe its just a way for me to let out what im feelings. but anyways if you read this whole paragraph, thanks. (btw i went to the tatinof 2:30 hollywood show)
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