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I am a person who doesn't like much human interaction but if you want to talk to me you can just talk to me. I hope you enjoy my stories and have fun here!

  • Emonemo

    mumbled "I'm back bitches!"

    3 months agoRispondi
    Hey! I'm back! It's been like a year since I've been on here. I just remembered this was a thing, to be honest. Well, I'm back, and things are going to be picking up (hopefully). I'm going to try to get back into writing. My only struggle is... what the fuck do I write?! What do you guys wanna see??
  • Emonemo

    mumbled "So..."

    1 years agoRispondi
    Hey I know I said I would update but I haven't really done that in a long ass time. ANYWAY!! If you wanted an update on any specific book of mine just comment, or if you would like to see another different book I have a few ideas in mind. YEAH THANKS.
  • Emonemo

    mumbled "Sorry!"

    1 years agoRispondi
    Hey guys! I'm so sorry i haven't been uploading that much recently, it's just because I've been super busy with school and rehearsals. I'll probably update a bunch of books and things after February third. I really hate to disappoint you but it's just been really difficult to update. I hope you understand, and I'll be updating soon.
  • Emonemo
    1 years agoRispondi
    Name - Molly Syrjala
    Person - Harry, always
    Description - Short, thin, blue eyes, shoulder length curly pink hair, lip ring
    Type - Romantic
    Details - Her first time
    Length - Long
    About - They went on a date and then things happened xD
    One Direction Personal Imagines, Preferences, Smut & One Shots :)
    One Direction Pers...
    Personal Imagines, Preferences, Smut & One Shots. :D
  • Emonemo

    mumbled "It's up!"

    1 years agoRispondi
    Guys! It's fucking 2018! Happy New Year bitches!!! Anyway, my new story is up I'll try to post a new chapter every Monday and if I don't I'll post two the next Monday. I hope you enjoy and have an amazing 2018.
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