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My name is Makenzie and I like to write books.
I started with fairytales at age six
Then Harry Potter fanfiction at age 11 (because why not)
And here I am now, exploring the diversity of writing every day with the help of my 100+ fans giving me feedback on my movellas.
I am currently working on-

The Secret of the Founders: The only HP fanfiction so far that I originally began writing and am continuing to write now.

Book Reviews: A new movella where I review other people's works and give feedback. My favorite movella each month gets mentioned here in my bio!

Harry Potter Headcanons: Nothing more than a bunch of Harry Potter headcanons (mini one-two paragraph fanfictions) I make and find!

Plus many more originals I'm writing on Microsoft Word now!

"She built herself a world of fantasy and magic
ignoring the life in which she thought was tragic
that real life eventually withered away
but the fangirl part inside of her forever was to stay"

  • MissKenzie

    mumbled "New Movella: The Taken"

    Just created a new movella called The Taken! Tell me what you guys think in the comments below...
    TakenThe year is 2136 and the once glorious America is at in the middle of a war inside of itself. Whenever Red wakes up in the East Facility, not knowing anyth...
    Love it! Have given it a review, and definitely recommend it!! xx
  • MissKenzie
    i love rose's personality and how she has a million things going on at once. let's just say, i can relate. on the other hand, i understand that the format is very casual, but there are very many grammatical errors throughout the entire story. mispelling, run-on sentences, and more. most of them are quick fixes, but just be sure to go back over your work before you publish it so that it's as enjoyable for your readers to read as it was for you to write. other than that, i think you can create a fun story out these few chapters and i can't wait to see what comes next!
    After the Battle of Hogwarts
    After the Battle...
    Hogwarts wasn't the same as it was before the battle.it had very little students and hogwarts was destroyed.but in the Weasleys and potters eyes it still held magic everywhere especially in Rose Weasley's...
  • MissKenzie
    holy crap this story's premise is super cool and i love it already! no joke, i was no involved into the story that i really can't think of any editing tips so good job and i can't wait to keep reading!
    Baby Miracle
    Baby Miracle
    Meadow grows up as Severus Snape's daughter, and she never realized how difficult it would be for her to fit in. She looks nothing like him, except for his dark eyes, and maybe has some of his personality...
    3 years ago
    I love your enthousiasm, I will update soon! Im currently working on another 4 chapters :)
  • MissKenzie
    so i only read the first chapter after finding that this is over 3 hours long so kudos to you. but the whole idea of alex russo going to hogwarts makes me excited. technically impossible since j.k rowling has said american students can't go to hogwarts, but who cares honestly XD. on another note, there were a few grammatical errors but nothing too big. just remember that when a new person has dialogue, you can't put both dialogues in the same paragraph like in paragraph one and a couple other places throughout the chapter. also, unless alex has a british accent, i'm pretty sure she would say mom instead of mum as you stated in the first paragraph. other than that, i'm super excited to read the rest of this story! :)
    Alex Russo and the socerer's stone: Year one
    Alex Russo and the...
    When American and British magic combine, its chaos everywhere. Read on to find out about how Alex Russo clicks with the Golden Trio in their first year together. Plot is mostly from the Harry Potter books,...
  • MissKenzie
    first off i love stories from draco's perspective so that is always a plus, but i loved how awkward it was when draco went back to his room. i can really tell you can write humor very well. keep up the good work! i can't wait to see where this goes :)
    A Dragon's Treasure
    A Dragon's Treasur...
    GoF and onward. Just when Draco's life is becoming more perfect, it's turned upside down when his sister enters it. Will he become the good big brother he's supposed to be or will he'll ever accept her?
    3 years ago
    thankyou very much!
    I really imagined how he would feel in that awkward situation. Glad you liked that,
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