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I am in the process of writing my current novel, therefore will be inactive on movellas but if interested in following my writing journey feel free to check out:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/maen_mb

Tumblr: http://monstrouscollection.tumblr.com

I am looking forward to being more active on Movellas in the near future! Happy writing to everyone!

  • Maen

    mumbled "The Girl With the Pink Hair"

    3 years agoRispondi
    Hello, everybody! It has been a while since I have been on Movellas, but I thought it is a good time to let you know that all chapters of 'The Girl With the Pink Hair' have been unpublished. Currently, I am working on a different project which I will not be posting here. However, I look forward to bringing 'The Girl With the Pink Hair' back in the future. My writing has come a long way since then, so I hope when the time comes I will be able to give you a much better version of it.

    Happy writing and reading to all! I am looking forward to being more active on here in the future!
  • Maen
    6 years agoRispondi
    Very interesting story. .:)) I like the idea and the characters (you know why :D) Update soon,please!
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