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HI I'm Michelle!

I love bands and artists like 1D, 5sos, Green Day, P!ATD, SWS, ATL, Halsey, Blink-182, We The Kings, BVB, MCR, etc.
Bff on here is @megan302

  • Luv_Potatoes

    mumbled "New Story!"

    Hey guys! Do me a quick favor and read my new story, The Painted Dream Girl, and maybe like and favorite? ;)

    Don't forget to comment what you think and if I should update more! It would help a LOT! Thanks guys. Love you! Link down below!

    The Painted Dream GirlWhen Zayn began dreaming about a certain girl. And brings out his artistic side and began drawing and painting her. What would happen when he actually...
  • Luv_Potatoes

    mumbled "LONG TIME, NO SEE!"

    Hey guys! I'm back! And yes, I've haven't been online much often as usual. If you haven't notice.

    School has gotten WAY more difficult than last year so I apologize for my inactiveness. I have been working on new stories so keep your eyes peeled!

    Soooo yeah. How was your 2015 so far? Mine was eh, okay I guess. But have an awesome year everybody! Peace out! -Luv_potatoes
  • Luv_Potatoes
    This is hella awesome. MORE!!!!! XD
    "Remember. If you die in this dream you die in reality" he says. This is a story about a girl and a dream that becomes too real.
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