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  • lulli17
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    Will write story in an hour!
    Kidnaped (1D fanfiction)
    Kidnaped (1D fanfi...
    What happens when sage winds up being kidnaped by onedirection she hates them! The boys claimed her as there slave so she has to do whatever they say to do! She wishes she could get out of this hell hole!...
  • lulli17
    6 years agoRispondi
    Plz don't let her die pweeez it will seriously make me cry I am already trying not to cry so pweeeez
    He Is My Escape
    He Is My Escape
    It took Charlie years, to figure out what actually happened. When she did, she could not believe it. Why did her father keep her from the world? What was his secret? She never went to school. She was street...
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