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  • lizzy wills

    mumbled "The Commune concept art"

    More concept art for The Commune , felt inspired by the movie poster for ready or not!
    I might set something similar for the cover but for now this is the idea.
  • lizzy wills

    mumbled "Ok ... 2nd chapter published to the commune"

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    New chapter published to the commune !
    When Elodie gets expelled the weight of her own actions comes crashing down once she is forced by her parents to learn her lesson by staying for a few weeks with a commune that her parents feel will help her.
    There aren't many other kids Elodies age attending so the nes who do attend she easily be friends with the advantage that all the girls have in common , hating where they are.
    But soon the Elodie and her friends learn that the commune has the same hatred for them back as no one in the commune seems to notice or pay attention to their existence. And even stranger , Elodie wakes up every night to see a light within the forest and people moving around that light wearing masks.
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