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Hey, I'm Lic (It's the nickname I get from Alice) and I love writing stories. I've never really gotten much constructive criticism for my work other than 'this can be improved' and then nobody saying how.

Here's my favourite quotes from the anime Hetalia:

"Make pasta, not war." ~Italy
"Become with Russia, da?"~Russia
"You stupid bloody brothers! You can't keep me locked up like this! I am an Englishman!"~England
"You called?"~ Russia
"This is my wife."~ Sweden
"I'm a box of tomato fairies!"~ Italy

But I hope to impress you and I hope you enjoy my writings and rambles, vi ses imorgon! (I'll see you tomorrow)

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    It seems very good so far, but, did the characters name change by the end? I just thought that I would point that out
    On the Other Side of Those Walls
    On the Other Side...
    Akira is the princess of an oppressive country where women are treated as a commodity, but when she is married off to a Prince Celino from a far away land. When she journeys out into the land Inahikaru...
    3 years ago
    thank you I did change the names when I was revising I must have missed some
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    W.I.P book CC?

    Could somebody please review my book, The Changing? It's work in progress at the moment and I would just like some feedback on it because I'm not really sure if I've done enough to capture people's attention with the first chapter.

    Thanks for doing this
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    mumbled "Still open to character drawings..."

    Do you want a character drawing, yes, you! Because I'm kinda bored and hyper on chocolate so please comment this form below!

    Hair style and colour:
    Emotion/facial expression:
    Portrait/torso/full body:
    Background (optional):
    Scars/ blemishes:
    Chibi or full manga style:
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