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I'm Lia-loves-cookies and in this account I will be doing less stories and more working on developing them :)

Real name: Lia Payne
Fave colour: Black, red, dark purple etc...
Fave music; rock, gothic metal (goth opera, gothic etc)
Fave bands: Linkin park, Evanescance, Rolling Stones, Forever After, Nightwish, Kings Of Leon, many more Rock/old pop(NOT MODERN POP NO WAY)/gothic stuff

Hobbies: Writing (duh), Doodling (on text books and meh hands), Sketching (A3 art paper or on computer. I have Deviantart), eating (I hate that but I love it), beating up bro (HE BEATS ME UP TOO!), PS3 (yeah!), being alone (Because I don't want to be part of the crowd following the populars do I? That stands no originality so I set my own path), doing very bad stuff that I ain't gonna mention, wearing black/chain necklaces/red scarves/etc...