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my name is lindsay
im 18 years old and im still obsessed with one direction

  • larrystylinson_14
    Please update
    Seduced by My Step Brothers
    Seduced by My Step...
    BOYXBOY - Charlie's mum died a few years ago, the triplets father ran when he found out just how many kids his girlfriend was going to have. Now their parents got married, without telling them. Four gay...
  • larrystylinson_14
    Title: my name is...
    Author: larrystylinson_14
    Description: A young girl (15) lives in a foster home because she murdered her parents when she was 3. And she gets adopted by niall horan and falls in love with his band mate harry styles. He the. Finds out that niall beats her cause she's Dating him.
    Celebs: niall horan, harry styles , Ariana grande
    Quote: sorry but I can't control my feelings
    Thanx In advance��
    Cover|Banner Store ● Closed
    Cover|Banner Store...
    ⇊Look first chapter for instructions.⇊
  • larrystylinson_14
    so I read this and personally thought it was one of the best stories on this website. honestly I loved it!:)
    love will speak (larry stylinson)
    love will speak...
    Louis is just the typical quiet boy in the back of the class, not saying much, trying to be invisable. But than that new boys enters the classroom and turns his world upside down. Will he ever find the...
  • larrystylinson_14
    I thought this was a Quotev story? But it's still good.
    Who Would've Guessed? *Niall Horan Love Story*
    Who Would've Guess...
    ”Harry, Please don't make me do this!” I begged trying to hold back tears as Harry looked at me with pained eyes "Hannah, I have no other choice, mum is making me take you. I wouldn't take you if I...
  • larrystylinson_14
    please update! I want to know what he freakin saw. lol
    Broken pieces ( Larry Stylinson )
    Broken pieces (...
    Louis Tomlinson meets a boy that changed him, who is this special boy?... Harry Styles, First theirs a twist then love, then whats that...?
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