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I use to adore heterosexual pairings, but now, Larry Stylinson has literally taken my heart by storm.

I have a weird obsession with Law & Order: SVU, so my 'movella' will show a lot of that.

  • LarrySmut5ever
    When you asked me to check out your movella, I was not sure for what specific thing you wanted me to look for, so this it what I thought:
    It's good, quite intriguing. I like how you add the drama towards the end. It honestly caught my attention. There were some grammar mishaps, but hey, no one's perfect, right? You should have added more paragraphs in my opinion; spacing. It was all in one bungle and it was somewhat hard to read, aha. Otherwise, it's good. I liked it, love. You're a good writer for a 13 year old! (;
    Larry Imagines
    Larry Imagines
    Just a Larry fanfic I wrote one night that I couldn't sleep. Sorry if it sucks o o p s. I wrote this on my phone that's why not everything is set up as should be.
    6 years ago
    aw thanks<3 i like that you didn't just say "it was good" thank you for the constructive criticism!
  • LarrySmut5ever
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    Aww thank you!(: I will update Monday! And these humans below me obviously do not have a sense of humor.. Humans. SHERT MAH HEAD.
    bebtter than chivken
    bebtter than chivk...
    nialal is in lvoe with chivkenc btu can lousiss cange thast omggG??????
  • LarrySmut5ever
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    This story is very good, love! I enjoy reading this, you're an amzayn (; author. Continue!
    P.S- I'm team Harry (: <3
    Fake Girlfriend (Fanfiction) - Completed
    Fake Girlfriend...
    It was just some silly concert her best friend had convinced her into going to. Nothing special. But that night changed Katie's life forever. She makes a life changing deal with One Direction's manager...
    6 years ago
    Thank you! Obsessed with your movella - I'm Broken! x
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