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Decided to put my fanfics on watt pad
Wattpad and twitter user/ @hemmings_galaxy
If u don't have wattpad then on my twitter every time I update I will tweet the link I also have a new fan fiction called addicted tell me what ya think ily (:

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    mumbled "sorry"

    so guys im' am very sorry for not updating but i have no time with so many test im doing in school and on the weekends i just want to realx and listen to my bbys and text my friends so yea i have been taking district test and when i don't have a didstrict test at least one sometimes two of my teachers give me a quiz or test or final exam. and I have to study for all that its frustruating,but school was 'cancelled' so ill try to update now but they may not be long sorry but read all my other stories and fav/comment/like cx thanks so much -Larry'sBaee xx
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    black hair brown eyes personality im shy at first quiet but once you get to know me i won't shut up lol and ill act mean but im just playing unless i dont like you and im really care my fave boy is Zayn <3 uff he's my bby love him pls pick me and if u need my name its Julie (:
    Save me.. (16+)
    Save me.. (16+)
    (*warning VERY! Detailed sexual content) 17 year old , Anna is not the most popular girl in high school. She's a short brunette with hazel nut eyes , who constantly get bullied everyday. Would that change...
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    UPDATE asap!! pls!!!!
    My Boss
    My Boss
    Maisie is starting her new job after finishing school. Her job is to become One Direction's assistant. She isn't a big fan of the band, all the while knowing how many girls would kill for the job. Soon...
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    mumbled "your BeYoutiful"

    Ps:I just wanted to tell ALL of you that you are beautiful and perfect in your own way.BeYoutiful be yourslef and never give up There is always going to be someone that will be there for you wether its your mom dad uncle sister friend or teacher..someone will always be there for you.They'll be the one yu can hold on to in tough moments.I'll be there too I may not know you but that can change and if you ever need someone to talk to Im here for you.
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