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"I used to wonder if it was God's plan that I should be alone for so much of my life. But I found peace. I found happiness within people and the world." - Lana Del Rey

I write about anything actually.

Fan Fiction, Teen Fiction, Romance, Fantasy.

I've been writing just simple Teen romance, but i want to write something different here. Message me and tell me what i should write about :)

My email: lanadelsummers@gmail.com

My kik: LanaDelSummer

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    mumbled "Illusion (girlxgirl) , The Power Within"

    Hey. So me and my friend @ChunkyBunny created movellas just yesterday and we already have so many ideas! So ChunkyBunny got the idea for the story illusion. It's lesbian story, mostly about lesbians, and if you're homophobic, i hate you, move along. So yeah, it's a lesbian story it's rated RED :D Oh gosh ChunkyBunny can be so dirty at times. And another story that i thought of is The Power Within about Zayn. It's not famous! It's story about punk Zayn, how he falls in love with the main character and blah blah blah! So everyone go read Illusion and The Power Within. BTW, ChunkyBunny is going to write one more story about lesbians, it will be called Mosaic and i'm her co-author :P hehe. Okay bye!!! :) BTW!!! who wants to be a co-writer to my story The Power Within or Illusion just reply to this message :) -LDS
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