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I keep having this... dream. I'm just staring into the black between the stars. There's something there. I know there is. I just can't see it... but it sees me.

  • Nicholais
    Amazing fanart <3
    I love this game
    Witch's House Fanart
    Witch's House Fana...
    My entry for the fanart category of the "Press Start to Join: Gaming Writing Competition." I saw a lot of Undertale entries, so I figured I'd try my hand at one of my other favorite RPG games, Witch's...
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    Omfg Ayano <3
    ☯Brookestar's Artworks☯
    ☯Brookestar's Artw...
    Hey everyone, I feel as though I want to put my artwork out there, and I would love and appreciate it if I knew what you all think, I accept criticism and all sorts, But no flaming hehe, well....I hope...
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    Literate 1x1 Rp

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    I can't guarantee that this roleplay will last long, because they usually don't. But I haven't done a literate rp in quite a while, and would like to do it every now and then.

    First person who comments will be in. :>
    As for the plot, we can decide on that afterwards, as well as the characters.

    - At least one paragraph
    - Literate Rping (there's a difference between lit and semi-lit)
    - Try your best to make it interesting, and I will too. No need to notify each other of plot twists and character betrayals.. etc. cause things will be more intense this way.
    - HAVE FUN I GUESS???????
    Like seriously, if you want to stop, then just tell me and we'll stop.
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
    "Find a trap street." Valkyrie whispered, tapping the holographic map and spinning, flipping and moving it, she would tap a quiet lane.
    "Down there." Valkyrie would smile, folding her arms and leaning back.
    3 years ago
    He immediately complied and swerved the craft down to the chosen lane with as little noise as possible as to not draw any unwanted attention.
    Unlocking the doors, Jack tumbled out of the vehicle and glanced at the security crest. "The sooner we dispose of this, the better."
    Victoria Raven
    3 years ago
    Calmly opening the door and stepping out, Valkyrie would nod. "I would suggest burning it, but a) none of us have matches and b) it would be too much attention." Valkyrie would pause, looking around. "Climb up to the roof? We'll be able to see our escape routes or at least an area of safety from up there."
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