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  • kenia liz
    Hi i dont know if you ever noticed but chapter 11 and 12 are exactly the same
    Back For You (Harry Styles)
    Back For You (Harr...
    {BOOK 1- COMPLETE} Meet Amabel Walker, the girl who kept everyone else out, who put up walls to protect herself from another accident, like the one that caused her hideous scar on her neck. She’s bitter...
  • kenia liz
    Update soon please
    Lies (Sequel to The Truth?)
    Lies (Sequel to...
    Sequel to The Truth? It's been 16 years after Charlotte has died. Michael, Calum, Sapphire, Ashton, and Luke all have families now. 16 year old James has to find out what the truth actually is and what...
  • kenia liz

    mumbled "Worst 18th birthday ever"

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    So my grandmother dies 2 days before my birthday I feel alone she was the best and her last wish was to be buried in Puerto Rico but my family doesn't have the money can you guys help by donating in her go fund me page?any amount is appreciated tap to donate- http://mk2.gofund.me/ngux6kvg?rcid=937b7..
    R.I.P Grandma����
  • kenia liz
    Update please
    Wrapped Around Your Finger *UNPREDICTABLE Sequel*
    Wrapped Around You...
    This is the sequel to UNPREDICTABLE so if you haven't read that, go do so. You won't understand this book if you haven't read this one.
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