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hi hi hello. a few things you should know about me:

i. i love cats
ii. i love books
iii. i love sad indie music
iv. i say i'm a pessimist, and most of the time i am, but i'm also an idealist, in some ways, but above all, i guess i'm just a realist.
v. i'm a grade a+ procrastinator.

a (not really) brief summary of who i am, as a human being:
-veronica sawyer, heathers: the musical
-veronica lodge, riverdale
-éponine thérnardier, les misérables
-hazel grace lancaster, the fault in our stars
-violet markey, all the bright places
-violet harmon, american horror story
-violet parr, the incredibles
-daria morgendorffer, daria

i guess??? that's all. i'm a college student too, so i guess that counts as part of my character summary. oh, and i like writing about sad people.

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