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Hey guys <3 I'm Jessica and may have a slight obsession with some band named one direction. Be sure to check out my books ;)

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    Hey guys! So today was like the very last day of my school for this year. Guess who's gonna be a senior?! HOLLA! Anyways, I can update more now! WOOHOO. K, thats it. bye. :)))))
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    You guys sorry to say this but im probably not putting a sequel to 18 And Mental. Its just this movellas thing was kind of something for me, _clarastylesss, 1D-mrspayne, and mrs.direction_1993 to do together. I dont wanna offend any of them with this but since im kinda out of their movellas and in real life, im done writing movellas with the characters katelynn, samantha, and clara in it
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    OMG you guys I'm so excited to have 245 reads. They just keep gaining by the day and that is seriously awesome. My goal is 500 by the end of this school year which is June, 12. Please help me make this dream come true by suggesting my story 18 And Mental to all of your friends! AHHHHHHH