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Jacie here. SAGITTARIUS 4 LIFE. I'm 16 and I work as a Lifeguard during the summer because I'm just so talented. I mainly write Sci-Fi, so obviously I'm obsessed with Stargate. Lately I've been trying to read more stories on Movellas, so go ahead and hit me up if you want me to read something of yours.

#LUANNA <3 (my OTP)

Achievments on Movellas:

1. 11th place in The Yeti's Best Movella of the Year contest
2. Honorable Mention in the easter egg contest
3. Winner of the K.M. Weiland giveaway
4. Runner up in The Selection Competition with The Parfait Games
5. Winner of the Halloween Competition with Missing Connections
6. Honorable Mention in the Historical Fiction Competition (2017) with To Live or To Die