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I'm a guy on a mission. A mission to rid the world of bullying and to banish the thought of suicide. That is my mission because of a certain girl I used to know called Megan. She was perfect, the best girl a guy like me could ever ask for. I lost her to bullying and now I'm on a mission to save others going through what she did.

  • IceCreamBoy

    mumbled "Merry Christmas, to all who celebrate it."

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    Not really religious, but the spirit of the season and all that... :)
    Woke up to tinsel all over my bed. When I walked into the living room, I didn't notice the mistletoe and my roommate gave me a kiss. o.O He ran and I couldn't catch him... But I will.... And when I do... I'l cover him in breadsauce!!!! :D :D :D
    4 years ago
    Oh, and BTW, Merry Christmas!
    4 years ago
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    @[IsaacBearAmmonPumpkinn] To sum it up, I pinned him down and smushed it in his face and hair. ^.^

    @[Lady Tatertot] Haha... Um... Can you still do that if its... Um..... Cannon? *Le blush*
    Also, what would our ship name be...? Matt and Tanner...?
    4 years ago
    Tannatt... Hm.... I'll let him know. :D

    Also, Cannon/Canon is when it (A relationship or situation) is something that is/has actually happened. (I think...)
    For example, and this is me nerdin' out here, Spock being Kirk's First Officer in Star Trek is cannon/canon because it happens in that universe.
    However, when it comes to relationships, Spock and Uhura (In the new films) is cannon/canon because it exists in the original movie. Bones and Uhura would not be cannon/canon as is was created by fans.

    Lecture over. XD Sorry 'bout that... Anyway hope that kinda clears it up for ya! :D
  • IceCreamBoy

    mumbled "Warning to All: Paper Fights Back"

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    Writing multiple essays at once has its downsides. I have paper cuts on almost all of my fingers (I'm typing with the uninjured ones XD ) AND the bottom of my feet. ;-;

    How, might you ask, did I do that?
    Well, you see, I've had a long term habit of picking up things with my feet when my hands can't reach them. It's come back to bite me since I have my work spread out on the floor (desks are overrated :) ).

    Anyway, I hope you guys are having a much better day than I am so far! Now it's time for me to find something to put on the cuts. *I only just realise I'm going to have to crawl to the bathroom on my knees* ;-;
  • IceCreamBoy

    mumbled "Congratulations, friends!"

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    Congrats Winter and Autumn on the announcement! I'm sure you guys will make amazing parents... ^.^
    Tell Autumn that my thoughts are with her through this winter and that we miss her (and you too :) ). :D

    P.S. Got any idea for baby names??

    P.P.S. Samantha sends her love, as do I. <3
  • IceCreamBoy

    mumbled "Got Tagged"

    So I got tagged around a month ago by @[Eat, Sleep, Write] and have just got around to doing it. (I have reached that certain level of boredom that I needed to do this).
    Full Name: Yeah.... No. XD I will give my first name, though: Tanner
    Nickname: Lanky, T. Bucket (Long story XD )
    Battery Percentage: 15% (This made me realize I need to plug it in o.O )
    Iphone or Android: I don't like either (I'm a 'Nokia brick' kind of guy), but if I had to choose it would be Android (I dislike Apple products)
    Last Person you texted: Samantha
    Birthday: 10th of February
    Last Song I Listened To: Mangled (Acoustic Version) by NateWantsToBattle (He's a really awesome guy! Check out his channel :D )
    Favorite Color: Forest Green
    Favorite Movie: Absolutely anything by Tim Burton (Fave Series would be Doctor who where either Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant played the Doctor)
    Height: 6 ft 2"
    Current Mood: Exhausted/Bored/Mildly pissed off
    Tag 7 People: ... I'm too tired for this. ;-;
    Lavern L.C.
    4 years ago
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    Woah, you're kinda tall XD, At least compared to me at 5'9" :-)
    And, when I did this, I had like 1% - it was sad.
    4 years ago
    I guess I am tall... Somehow, though, Samantha is like 2 inches taller than me when she wears high heels... SHE'S NOT EVEN THAT TALL TO START OFF WITH! I swear she wears, like, 5 inch heels. XD
    If I get to even 10% my computer shuts down (Its like FEED ME!!!) :3
    Lavern L.C.
    4 years ago
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    All the girls in my grade are SUPER short - like less than 5'5", and when they wear high heels they like purposely stand next to me to see if they're taller. My strange entertainment.... XD

    My phone yells at me and makes this really annoying sound starting at 30% it is SO annoying. :-/
  • IceCreamBoy

    mumbled "Blinky the Computer: Rest In Pieces"

    5 I mi piace
    I'm currently using a friends computer as mine has reached the end of the line. I won't be able to read and reply to comments until I get a replacement and set it up.
    Blinky has served me well, being with me for over three years now. However, he wasn't able to recover any of my files (Luckily, I backed up my coursework and revision stuff).
    Going to be keeping Blinky in a box in my room as I don't want to get rid of him just yet; I met so many wonderful people with him and he has been a great aid. Bye-bye, Blinky, old friend. :)
    5 years ago
    Hi! :) I've been okay. Little swamped with studying, but apart from being tired almost all the time, everything alright. How have you been? It's awesome to hear from you. :D
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