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Tumblr: EllieIsSpekial
Hey, I am 14. I am British and I love to read/write.
Anyway I hope you like my stories, feel free to comment.
I did some writing for my school news paper, also I go to creative writing when I can.
I also have a couple poems published in actual books.
I like You me at six, pierce the veil, and sleeping with sirens and I could go on and on but I'll stop there.

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    im working on it but unfortunately there is something wrong with my laptop so i haven't been able to recently, sorry about that xx
    Run Into My Arms
    Run Into My Arms
    Adella was only fourteen when she met Luca, hot and every teenage girls fantasy, Addie felt an instant pull. Luca, jut turned seventeen, had been asked by his father to attend a pack meeting with the Crescent...
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    mumbled "Upates"

    Hey guys, I know I suck at updating like seriously, what's wrong with me but don't hate me, I have been trying to put loads of time and effort in my updates to make them amazing. Also I have been having trouble finding time between family and friends and guy troubled which is really stressing me out but im gonna chill now and try to be better updating, thats it so bye xx
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    This is really amazing!! wish I could read more, could you please check out my story Demon Spawn, I'd love some feedback but if you don't want to never mind. Can't wait for more of this :)
    The Deathwalker Chronicles
    The Deathwalker...
    This is for the City of Bones contest. A Deathwalker is a human who helps the dead to pass over to the other side when they unfinished business left here on earth.
  • Ellie_Mae
    I love this, cant wait for more. Please could you check out my movella Demon spawn, I'd love your opinion since you are such a good writer
    Scarlet Blaze part 2
    Scarlet Blaze part...
    Continuation of the story on ThunderCloud's page. This is my third account and I am sorry for the confusion but alot has happened in the past few weeks involving both of my accounts now un-operational...
  • Ellie_Mae
    2 I mi piace
    omg awesome, damn girl stop making me look bad, jks you know i love your stories. good one tez
    Wretched Trauma
    Wretched Trauma
    Avery is an eighteen year old outcast, joining sixth form, for her final year of A Levels, before University. Before she started a new school, she was bullied, both verbally and physically. At her new...
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