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Twitter: @heshabitualx
Tumblr: harryskitten44.tumblr.com
Wattpad: heskiwi94x

If you love Harry Styles or Justin Bieber fanfics then you've come to the right place.


Harry Styles-


When You're Gone (Sequel to Forever and Always): COMING SOON


Beautiful Disaster: COMING SOON

Stole My Heart: COMING SOON

Justin Bieber-



Broken and Bruised: COMING SOON


-I DO NOT allow translations, reposts, spin-offs, or prequels. So please don't ask. If I find out that you did it anyway, I will not hesitate to report you for copyright.

-Sorry if this sounds rude but I don't take reading requests.

-I don't have an updating schedule, I only update when I can. I work every day, except on the weekends, so I don't have time to write and update every day anymore. Please bear with me.

  • heskiwi94x

    mumbled "Goodbye!"

    1 Mi piace
    I've made my decision that I will no longer be active on Movellas. I've been using Wattpad a lot more lately since there are a lot of active accounts on there and I also feel like my stories don't get a lot of attention on here like they used to no matter how frequently I've updated them. In the near future I will upload the rest of my fanfic Forever and Always along with the edited version of my first Harry Styles fanfic series that I wrote when I first joined Movellas but after that I won't be posting anything new. I will keep my stories up to read because I don't want to deactivate my account. If you enjoyed my stories on here and want to read my new stories -also have the fanfics that I've posted on here on Wattpad as well- then please feel free to follow me on Wattpad. My user is the same as my Movellas.
    2 weeks ago
    1 Mi piace
    I feel the same way! I'll check ya out over there!
  • heskiwi94x

    mumbled "Block or mute button"

    7 months agoRispondi
    3 I mi piace
    I wish there was a block or mute button on here because there are some accounts that I either don't want in my followers list (sorry if that sounded harsh. Wasn't trying to be) or they're scammers.
    7 months ago
    @[fantasygirl1] no there isn't, I checked and didn't see one.
    7 months ago
    Yeah I've been on here for a while and I never came across it so there isnt one
    7 months ago
  • heskiwi94x

    mumbled "Hiiiii"

    8 months agoRispondi
    Hello my followers! I highly doubt you all care about my stories anymore since I've been so inactive for the past few months but I just wanted let you all know that I'm still here. I've been so busy with work and my schedule was all messed up so I would be too tired to even write. Just recently, I got a new job with better hours so I'll have more time to sit down and write when I don't have anything to do. So I hope you all understand.

    Anyways....who listened to Harry Styles' new song Lights Up? If you ask me I think it's amazing!
    7 months ago
    1 Mi piace
    its cool everyone gets busy
  • heskiwi94x

    mumbled "New Story"

    If you haven't seen it already, the first chapter to my new Harry Styles fanfic is up. Please give it a read and don't forget to review if you liked it. Thanks
    Blade (h.s. au)--BOOK ONE-- "One night, one mistake. But she didn't think it would change her life forever," As the new leader of his father's gang, The Ravens, Harry...
  • heskiwi94x

    mumbled "So mad!"

    1 Mi piace
    So I just found out that someone on Wattpad copied Danger, which was one of my old Harry Styles fanfics, that I posted on here in 2014! The person posted it in 2016 but still acted like it was her own and gave me NO credit at all. People were reviewing it as well. It's funny because when I posted it on there, I got NOTHING. Not a review or a single read by anyone but when the person who copied me did, she got everything. It's honestly very unfair how someone would do that. I wrote the story when I was 17/18 years old but I still worked hard on it! Thankfully the person deleted it after I commented that she copied it but I'm still very upset that someone would do that. She really thought she wasn't going to get caught.
    1 years ago
    1 Mi piace
    Yeah! That really sucks! I can perfectly understand how it can make you mad! Even if it were just a simple short story. I'm glad that at least that person deleted it. -_- Though she/he ought to have their account deleted as well! Unfortunately it happens all the time, be it with writing or art. It's the risk all creators take when they share they're work on the internet ...
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