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I never do drafts in fear of abandoning my stories, so I apologize if while writing them their are mistakes like misspellings, missed out words or autocorrect changing the words incorrectly.

I have tried to use other sites to put up my fanfiction, however they would never allow me to validate my account; even if it's my Facebook email.

I am very much into anime and enjoy my favorite characters getting into bad situations (like izaya orihara).
I love the concept of Erwin being a yandere and him being after Levi.

I also really love YAOI, it's so sweet and can also be very creative.
My favorite series would have to be junjou romantica.
However my favorite couple being the egoist couple, I find myself a bit annoyed with how their doing the new season.
With season one and two it was always the main paring being romantica, second being egoist and last being terrorist.
Now in the third season egoist is the third and even thou they might do something very special for them to make up with it, I doubt it is going to be that satisfying.

The annoyance that is my existence is in despair, so I'll drag you unsuspecting fellow in with me.


  • kiyoshi fujioshi
    You moved it onto this one as well!.
    This way your guaranteed to be get more views and fans!.
    Enlaced (TAKING DOWN ON 5th Oct 2015)
    Enlaced (TAKING...
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  • kiyoshi fujioshi
    I apologize for my spelling mistakes and for when I missed out a few words..... also for some reason spell correct decided to change ducks even though I have used fuck before without it changing.
    My Grama isn't the best and it might be annoying to read but thank you to those who have read it.
    It's nice to know that others are reading my fanfiction even if might hate it.
    So gomenasai and ganai (can't spell)
    my hate for you binds us.
    my hate for you...
    Corporal Levi of the scouting corps; humanities strongest soldier, Finds the corrupt life he has recognised as his to be in the mist of self destruction. His top scouts have fallen and he is left in...
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