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MY story

di , venerdì settembre 30, 2016
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My story of my life and how I got a 2nd chance and how i gave someone a 2nd chance.

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  • Halieh17
    2 years agoRispondi
    I really liked the story please update soon
    Impala's POV
    Impala's POV
    Just the Impala ranting about some of the shit the Winchesters do. *Battle of the Fandoms Supernatural Entry*
  • Halieh17
    2 years agoRispondi
    They'll Tell You I'm Insane - A Draco Malfoy Story
    They'll Tell You...
    Teenage delinquent Hanna Crux returns to Hogwarts for yet another year of magic and madness. But this year is different, caught up in the era of romance Hanna has set her eyes on the infamous Draco Malfoy....
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