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Hello, my name is Literature.

I am, quite obviously, a writer. Not a great one if you ask me. Nonetheless I get my books updated very close to when I say I will. I have been writing stories since I was 9 years old. I'm also a song writer, but I keep those to myself. I hope you enjoy my stories and (hopefully) me as a person, because always remember. Behind those great books are a great author.

You are not only my boyfriend, but my best friend. I love you babe <3

Yes I am under 5 foot 2. Yes I am short. Yes I accept it. No that doesn't mean you can pick on me about it. Only my boyfriend can do that. (And very rarely at that)
Pandas are life <3
I love music with a burning passion. Everything in my life, one way or another revolves around music.
TØP is my favorite band |-/

I also enjoy My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Panic! at the Disco, Three Doors Down, Get Scared (Just now getting into them), Melanie Martinez, Ruth B., Luke Bryan, The Fray, FUN, Halsey, Carrie Underwood, Green Day, ALMOST any dubsteb, ect.


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  • Midnight Cake

    mumbled "Temporary Silence is back!"

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    If anyone would be so kind as to read back over the prologue and help me come up with a new title that would be wonderful! I'm changing the cover. Thanks for your time
    Yara Dhont
    2 years ago
    The title is already original! But if you want it to sound more smooth, maybe: perfect silence, or maybe something with amorta? (look up the def. That words sounds so cool)
    I like the idea of a protagonist, who doesn't need to talk. A world in which there's a lot of listening and observing :)
    Midnight Cake
    2 years ago
    Thanks so much for the suggestions. I planned on changing the title because it didn't sound right so yes, that is a really great idea. I'll look up the word and see how I like it. I'm working on describing things as if I couldn't talk. Trying to see it from Summer (my characters) perspective.
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    mumbled "Tomorrow will be my last day"

    Although I'm not all that popular on this site I have made quite a few friends. Over the three-four years I've been here this community has turned into a family. You all, this site, is my family. I will miss you all dearly. Thank you to everyone who has been here for me and welcomed me here. I've gone from a cringy weeaboo to a cringy emo... I couldn't have done it without all of you. KIDDING, kidding. I did that part all on my own. I love you all and if you want to stay in contact I have Hangouts, Email, Instagram, and a Phone Number (if absolutely needed).

    2 years ago
    bye ill miss you
    Midnight Cake
    2 years ago
    Thank you @[ 雪 Yuki] I'll miss you too <3
    2 years ago
    Don't leave me lol
Midnight CakeOmg thank you so much for this! I always have trouble coming up with unique names and I don't want them to be too out there. My favorite is probably Loretta or Leo
2 years ago
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