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I love Harry Potter and have been reading the series ever since I could read. I'm absolutely obsessed! And I live to write, so... Yeah, there ya go. Put those two things together and why else is there besides fanfiction?
I'm an avid Hinny shipper and absolutely despise Dramione, sorry;) I just can't stand the thought. No hard feelings, though. I respect other pairings, though I tend to stick more to cannon.
I have a weird fettish for Nutella and ducks, and small dogs creep me out.
Ella (aka FluffyNargles)

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    mumbled "Check Out My New Story!"

    Hey, its Ella!

    For those of you who like reading my other movella, Of Love and Nargles, you should check out my new One-shot - What NOT to say to Harry Potter. It's just a short one about Ginny's thoughts in CoS when she comes down the stairs and sees Harry Potter at her kitchen table.

    On ff.net, I got some comments saying that Ginny is too hyper in my stories. Well, I'm here to say that these aren't really serious stories, folks. It's just me being silly. When I was fooling around with the idea of this storyline every time I went to write it, it just never had that 'sirius' aspect to it. So, if you don't mind Ginny's silliness or the humorous aspect of 'Of Love and Nargles', then by all means, keep reading! But, if you don't like it, then maybe this isn't the story for you, although it will get slightly more serious as time goes on, as Ginny gets older and life happens!

    Thanks for all your support,

    Ella (aka FluffyNargles)
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