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    mumbled "New Account "

    Hey guys so I realize I've been inactive for so long so I decided that I want to start new on Movellas. So that's why I created a new account at @Multi-Fandom-Girl. This is my new account I will be writing some stuff on there and deleting everything on this account so yeah, go follow me on my new account and I'll try and had a start to a new story up by next week since I have exams this week. Thank you guys so much.
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    mumbled "ok um i gotta a ?"

    hi everybody i haven't been on in a while because i am delling with some things is anyone on here a jobs daughter or was one if you are please let me know as i am one to thank you
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    mumbled "Hey co-author"

    Hey does anyone want to be my co-author for my fanfiction called Crazy Right i am only 5 chapters into it and i really need help
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    mumbled "bored help"

    guys I am really bored any help on what to do
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    mumbled "ok so about this"

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    ok so my friend sent me a message with a picture she found and she was like hey this pic is just for you, you b**** well she is my ex-best friend now it really is hard to believe how much people and friends we lose to self harming our selves so this is the picture that she sent me