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Hi, My name is Linni and I am pretty much in here because I have a big imagination and I love to write stories. Duh. To describe myself I'm kind of a dreamer. I'm a PROUD directioner! But Im also a part of a couple fandoms.. yeah :) I got a big heart soo.. I love a couple of youtubers and and music and and tv shows etc :D I kill Zombies :o So yeah.. Im kind of a dork with 4 different hidden handicap. I love my friends and family. I'm simply a little wired adventurous person that has a big imagination who loves her books, writes poets and stories, and listen allot to music, likes to draw and yeah. (:

My OTP: One Direction & Larry Stylinson.

so yeah. beh.

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    CHECK OUT MY NEW CHAPTERS AT MY STORY; -> Brothers are out of limits, Thats what she said.
    CHECK IT OUT :3 hihih, I have been editing on it but it turned out awesome :D Hope you like it! :)
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