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"ι мay вe on тнe ѕιde oғ тнe angelѕ, вυт don'т тнιnĸ ғor one ѕecond тнaт ι aм one oғ тнeм."

"ввc'ѕ ѕнerlocĸ"


welcoмe randoм perѕon wнo jυѕт нappened тo ғιnd мy page.

ι aм vιcтorιa(:

ι aм a 16 year gιrl wιтн wιld dreaмѕ тнaт ѕeeм тo мaтcн мy wιld perѕonalιтy.

ι aм ιn love wιтн вenedιcт cυмвerвaтcн and nιall нoran.

ғavorιтe arтιѕт: one dιrecтιon, ed ѕнeeran, all тιмe low, мarιanaѕ тrencн, cнer lloyd, cнrιѕ вrown, olly мυrѕ, conor мaynard, 5 ѕecondѕ oғ ѕυммer, тнe ѕcrιpт

ғavorιтe тv ѕнowѕ: ѕнerlocĸ, docтor wнo, тнe vaмpιre dιarιeѕ, тeen wolғ, ѕcandal, caѕтle,

ғavorιтe yoυтυвerѕ: ѕιмplyѕpoonѕ, jacĸѕgap, тyleroaĸley, danιѕnoтonғιre,aмazιngpнιl, ιтѕĸιngѕleyвιтcн, jennaмarвleѕ, janoѕĸιanѕ, тнe ĸey oғ aweѕoмe

ι вelιeve ιn love aт ғιrѕт ѕιgнт, god, angelѕ, and υnιcornѕ!!

ι do noт υpdaтe on a ѕcнedυle!



  • Falling.ForYou21

    mumbled "A bit of Narry love(: "

    Look at how fucking adorable these two are.

    No I am not one of those obsessive shippers -.-

    I just think it's cute how adorable they act together! I am more a friendship shipper than a romance shipper.
  • Falling.ForYou21

    mumbled "Thank You and Goodbye. "

    Okay...so I had finally made a decision and I am leaving Movellas, but I will continue writing...I posted a chapter of Hidden in the Darkness and Cover Up, but they will be that last chapters I ever upload on here. If you like you may continue to read my stories on Wattpad (which my username is FallingForYou21).

    A really good friend of mine and I are co-writing a story at the moment and that will be the only story that I post on here. All of my other stories will stay up, but will not be updated. Sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone, but it is my decision.

  • Falling.ForYou21

    mumbled "Updates! "

    Cover Up has been updated and I am currently working on three different chapters for three different stories. I will be also starting a new story with the lovely @usacait which will probably be up in about a week. This week I have two huge projects to do that are due Wednesday...so I'll be updating after Wednesday. Um..yeah that's all.
  • Falling.ForYou21

    mumbled "Hello?"

    Hey! Well just a little update on my life.
    No I will not stop updating on movellas just for those of you (xoMk and peace11) who have been asking, I will continue to update on here.
    I also will have a bit of spare time this weekend so expect two possibly three updates? And umm...that's all.
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