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  • Ellis Jane Meggitt
    update is coming soon. I'm trying to get in a part where there is a fight between arazeylia and ally
    Friends with Benifits
    Friends with Benif...
    Ally Smith, a young English girl, who is troubled. She is one of those girls who always causes trouble, but has never had sex. When her parents make her move to Australia, she starts to experiment. With...
  • Ellis Jane Meggitt
    I've updated by adding 4 more chapters will be published soon
    Never will i live the same way
    Never will i live...
    Vicky is a young girl survive a zombie apocalypse but when her mother tried to kill her and she gets saved by 5sos, will her and Michael fall in love or will she let her feelings pass so she can survive...
  • Ellis Jane Meggitt
    Hold the fuck up!! A gay couple can't have a child unless they adopt l! Unless Luke goes through a sex change its literally impossible! I know I have only read the first free parts of the story but a big twist av the beginning I like it! And I know I have over thought it but it's a nice lead up in the comment
    A child? {muke}
    A child? {muke}
    Luke hemmings and Michael Clifford got married and are now they are the Clifford's what happens when Luke suddenly wants a child what will happen to the Clifford's will they have a child will the child...
    4 years ago
    Their are adapting
    4 years ago
    Lol I loved that lil story
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