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Larry is not real. I'm just telling you that now.
Larry will never be real.
I'm not a hater.
I just speak the truth.
Go ahead. Hate me.
I honestly don't care anymore.
I'm Ana.
One Direction has a special place in my heart and always will.
I think I'm done with this bio thing now...

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    mumbled "Announcement... For everyone who follows .ana."

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    Hey it's me, Ana. My main account is .ana...
    So the day I was goin to see 1D my mom found out about Movellas and freaked out...
    I am not really supposed to be on here, but I decided I should sneak on and tell all of you lovely people that I will no longer be able to be on here.... I'm very sorry.
    Love you all!
    Bye.. *cries*
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    mumbled "HAHAHAHAHA"

    For my dad's birthday, my grandma got my dad a shirt that said "Zombies Don't Like Fast Food" and it showed a picture of two zombies chasing after a guy running. Seriously? My dad and your son is not 10. Lol. It is so funny. My dad decided to give me the shirt cx cx
    We think she was trying to find something that was related to The Walking Dead since all of my dad's side of the family loves that show.
    The shirt was just too cheesy though cx cx
    Lol cx cx
    4 years ago
    Dang it... I needed to mumble this on my other account.
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    mumbled "Hello c:"

    Would anyone be willing to read Hometown?
    Here it is:
    Hometown || Nouis"You and him can't be friends." I once told him. "But we are. You have to deal with it... bitch." He once sassed me. "You can't do this to me." I once...

    It's going to have a different cover soon.... cx
    Thank you.
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