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I'm 18. Huuuuge 1D and 5SOS fan. Never used to read or write fanfic because it made me feel just eugh like we were controlling their lives but hey, I got past that and now I am writing and reading heaps of it. If you want to chat more, then post on my wall, I am super friendly. Co-writing a book with zeechick. Check her out.
Love all my readers like family.

  • Danii Brown

    mumbled "ive been gone for a long time"

    whats been happening? should I update more on here? who would read my books?
    Book Maker
    1 years ago
    Hello welcome back! Completion have been here, which you should enter. Yea, keep on updating I’ll read it!
  • Danii Brown

    mumbled "New Book and Old Book"

    I'm working on a new book that I only just started today and also working on my other books so hang tight followers. I will be active more on here I swear.
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