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Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
The Lord of the Rings
The Chronicles of Narnia
(if something isn't in the list, I'm working on it ;)


Doctor Who
My Little Pony

Bands and Artists

Ed Sheeran
Artic Monkeys
Alice in Chains
Iron Maiden
(There is way more metal on this list, but I'm to lazy)

Other Fandoms

The Sweet Potato Fandom
The Procrastination Club

  • Crystalar99

    mumbled "blahh"

    I haven't really been on, but from what I can gather there is a hater among us. I don't know if any one wants to take the time to explain what happened, but if someone could I'd be ever so thankful.
  • Crystalar99

    mumbled "new movella"

    My best writing yet

    Sweet Potato FanfictionI was talking to Raven711 and I told her that I'm in the sweet potato fandom, she dared me to write a fanfic...
  • Crystalar99

    mumbled "what the fudge"

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    @[Raven711] I had some free time and went on (here, ya know moovelas) and I haven't been on in months and What the hey hoka hey has happened to the design. Change I don't like it
    5 years ago
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    This happened
  • Crystalar99

    mumbled "OH MY GOSH"

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    hey you guys, hey, it's Tuesday..... agian

    tee hee
  • Crystalar99

    mumbled "I'm a grandma"

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    My friends calls me a grandma, my favorite flavor dum dum is butterscotch, I knit (Gryffindor scarf of course), and I listen to ALOT of older songs (some 60's, mostly 70's). Seriously though AM I WRONG TO LIKE THE PERFECTION OF THE WORLD???

    5 years ago
    Eh, don't feel bad, I cross stitch, listen to old music and one of my favorite kinds of pop is ginger ale XD
    5 years ago
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    you drink my people?!? *goes into a corner and cries*