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Ello My name is Catrin but people call me Cat. I am a super directioner. I write varied fanfictions, but mostly fantasy and science fiction. Sometimes I write One Direction fanfics but rarely. Anywayyyyyyssssssss,
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Email: canadianmcofficial@gmail.com
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    AMAZING! Mah gowd, I love it! :3
    Best firends for ever right?
    Best firends for...
    "You promised that we would keep in touch! You told me we would always be best friends! Was this all a lie?" Lucy "We will always be best friends Lucy I promise you. When I leave for X-Factors we will...
  • catrinthefox
    I made a prequel for this and two more stories after this.
    My Survival
    My Survival
    Team Crafted and Diamonds Are a Girls BFF (two Minecraft/YouTube groups) are going to college and surprisingly meet up there. Find out what happens with Adam, Jason, Mitch, Jerome, Ty, Toni, Catrin, Lily,...
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    mumbled "STORY UPDATE!!!!!!!!!"

    Soooooooooo My update for "My Survival" is probably gonna be long so it might take me awhile...............................................READ UP ON IT!!!!!! plz? Anyyyyywayyyyyyssssssss luff u all bai
    ~Catrin <3 :P
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